Self Love TIP#2 So-Hum Walking Meditation

Our body needs time to rest, heal and rejuvenate. You cannot always be running in “go mode”. So give yourself time today to just stop, having nothing to do and just be. Spend some time in nature and recharge. There is a beautiful walking meditation you can do to rejuvenate and re-charge your body, called So-Hum walking meditation.

Find green grass, forest, beach or any natural space, and bring your awareness to your feet and your Muladhara Chakra (root). As you inhale mentally chant “SO” and draw up energy and awareness from the sole of your right foot to your root chakra, and as you exhale mentally chant “HUM” and release this energy down through your left foot.

Then as you inhale mentally chant “SO” and draw this energy through your left foot to root chakra, and exhale “HUM” down your right leg. This is a grounding and cleansing exercise, and is a great way to recharge your Muladhara chakra. Visualize and imagine you are creating an energy circuit with your body and the earth, drawing in healing and revitalizing energy and exhaling stale energy.

Do this meditation during your day today for around 10 minutes or more and become aware of the sensations in your body and any changes you may feel due to this grounding walking meditation. Reflect on the meaning of the SO HUM mantra which means “I am that”.