Event Of The Week: Full Moon Meditation

On 2nd July, 2015, Abhinam Yoga Center in Dharamsala held a free meditation event to celebrate the full moon. Many students and teachers shared about how the energy of the full moon has affected them, some people feeling highly emotional and others feeling scattered, anxious or low in mood. It is important to know how the moons energy affects us so that we can complement it, balance it and use it to our advantage.

Our guest teacher Mikala lead the full moon meditation where she spoke about using the moons energy to either help you manifest something in your life, or alternatively to help you release and let go of something that no longer serves you.

The meditation started with techniques to help open up the energy channels in the body, the ida and pingala nadis, the sun and moon. And then moved into a gentle and meditative moon salutation, Chandra Namaskar. This flow was used to link in with the lunar energy and qualities of rhythm, flow and femininity, with awareness being brought to the breath to maintain awareness. This was then balanced with Pranayama to energize the sun, surya energy in the body and to help the students maintain balance in their body, mind and emotions.

Aditi, one of the Yoga Teacher Training in India students lead the chanting of Gayatri mantra which was so powerful and brought everyone into a very spiritual and meditative state. Focusing on the vibrations that this mantra created the students were lead into a guided meditation on the moon. The evening finished with a manifestation and releasing ceremony where everyone wrote down an intention to either manifest or release for the coming month. Placing the intentions to manifest in a bowl of water to be energized by the moon that night, or in a bowl of fire to be release through their burning. This ceremony invoked the power of the full moon to help with these intentions drawing the lunar energy in boost their momentum. This practice was sealed and energized with the chanting of OM by everyone sitting in a circle holding hands and sending their energy into the two bowls and into the hearts of everyone in the room.

This was such a powerful and beautiful experience, to celebrate the full moon with our community of yogis and life minded people from Bhagsu and Dharamkot. Everyone felt very meditative and connected at the end of the event, with many hugs and much love shared between new and old friends.